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Vigyan Lime, an ISO 9001-2008 & GMP Compliant Company, has been the leading manufacturer & supplier in India for over five decades for the best & most cost effective Calcium based chemical Quick Lime Powder, CALCIUM HYDROXIDE (HYDRATED LIME) [CAS# 1305-62-0], compliant to rohs & reach as well as specializing in major compendia's and high purities content upto 98% Assay Ca(OH)2.

Based in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, Vigyan Lime is a reliable organization. Our Lime Calcium is obtained from the contaminant free and high-grade lime as well as marble stones, the place with the best and rich raw material deposits in the country, making it unique amongst others. The strength of the company lies in the robust & scalable machinery, the state of the art technology, qualified & experienced staff along with a modern laboratory infrastructure, thus ensuring consistent high quality and helping the company maintain its track record of delivering high quality finished products to the esteemed client's desired destination, on time, every time.

We are the first company in our country to develop Standard Operating Procedures and Good Lime Manufacturing Practices and to inculcate them, thereby taking a step in organizing this Industry. Aside being quality-centric in all business processes, the company strives to provide timely delivery & prompt service to its clients. The company has requisite resources in place to meet bulk orders for all high qualities of Calcium Hydroxide, in congruence with the client's application needs & requirements.

Vigyan Lime's Calcium is widely shipped to various renowned companies all across the world to their optimal satisfaction for many years. Quality has always been an inseparable aspect of our company. Besides primarily focusing on maintaining a uniform] stable & optimum quality, we endeavor to ensure on-time delivery & unsurpassed services to valued clients, everytime. We are backed by unmatched capacity to complete bulk orders for varied qualities of Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime).

We have delighted our valued customers with our quality products worldwide. We always take an opportunity to go beyond our clients expectations, employees', suppliers, patrons, associates and communities. Today, Vigyan Lime's Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime) is in extensive demand by various reputed concerns, worldwide. You will get an excellent value addition to your vendor database, straight from the groundbreakers in Calcium Hydroxide that perfectly blends with your expectations & preferences.

How do we do it? We take pride on the attention and the care we ensure to our customers along with quality. We are backed by rich & sound industry experience, which has been given to us by our ancestors who began with the lime trading, five decades back in Dehra Dun. We strictly adhere to the guiding principles laid by them while we continue to establish a reputation of a reliable partner you can bank upon. We are committed to uniformity in quality, scheduled delivery and complete customer satisfaction, which has contributed in the success of our company. Our clients can be assured once associating with leaders in Calcium Hydroxide, we will take complete care to provide you with best & cost effective quality, most suited to requirements.


When your business depends on chemicals like Calcium Hydroxide, commonly known as Hydrated Lime, you can depend on the global pioneer Vigyan Lime. "Calcium Hydroxide", having CAS-No: 1305-62-0, and originally being identified as hydrated lime or slaked lime, is basically an inorganic compound with chemical formula as Ca(OH)2. It is a free flowing and extremely fine white powder, free from impurities & other contaminations and is derived when calcium oxide is "slaked" with water, to derive "Hydrated Lime". Calcium Hydroxide find use in traditional & emerging applications, for its physical and chemical properties. These are excellent quality products that are in compliance to FSSAI, USFDA, EFSA, BIS, NSF, ROHS, REACH, KOSHER & HALAL, being processed as per the good manufacturing practices. All these products are devoid of known allergens and free from prohibitory or toxic chemicals. The normal shelf life is over three to six months from the date of production of batch. Calcium Hydroxide may be used in various traditional & evolving applications, because of its chemical & physical properties, including food & drugs to health to metallurgy and environmental uses. Our Prime Range is as follows:-

  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Calcium Hydroxide ACS Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Additive Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide AR Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide BIS Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide BP Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Chemical Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Filler Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Food Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide FCC Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide IP Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide LR Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Pharma Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide USP Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide Water Treatment Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 91%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 92%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 93%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 94%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 95%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 96%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 97%+ Grade
  • Calcium Hydroxide 98%+ Grade
  • Hydrated Lime

Products are available in High Purities upto 98% Assay Content as well confirming to Reach, Rohs, Bureau of Indian Standards, Indian Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia, United States Pharmacopeia, American Chemical Society, Food Chemical Codex, Food Safety Management System, NSF-60/ANSI Standards & World Health Organization Compendia's, as per expectations & preferences of the client.

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